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print size: 16x 11 in.
October 2001 

Artist Interpretation: "Liberty", 
The smoke transforms into the image of the
Statue of Liberty as it rises out of the ashes 
in a scene of devastation. Liberty will triumph.


print size: 16 x 11 in
October 2001

Artist Interpretation: "Hope" 
Is in memory of the many firemen and women 
who lost their lives in the 911 rescue attempt. 

God Bless America!

Of special note is Barbara Morello's moving portfolio of 9/11 artwork, capturing the enduring spirit of America and the sorrow of one of its greatest tragedies. The bravery and stalwart fortitude of the heroic men and women of the New York City Fire Department who gave their lives for others are rendered in these inspirational pieces, ensuring that the memory of their valiant courage goes on.

Information on the Artist

Barara Morello

Artist Statement

Referring to my experience of communicating a complex idea in the form of an architectural illustration, I have attempted to combine both realism with my passion for abstraction and architectural friezes. During my recent five-year stay in Vienna, Austria, I took the opportunity to explore the European Capitals. My awareness of the detail and symmetry was greatly enhanced, thus leaving me to ponder how one could simplify such detail, and express it in the form of abstract art. 

My recent work is a collaboration of realism overlapping abstraction within a three dimensional plane. My intrigue of human anatomy has inspired me to integrate and layer the subtle curves and graceful gestures of the body. My passion for the use of vibrant color allows the image to radiate it's own aura. Hence, a union of three-dimensional space, color and anatomy has become the focus of my artwork. This series is referred to as my contemporary collection. 

My later works were a result of my time in Vienna where I produced a series of watercolors that featured erotic content embraced in architectural details and settings. This series is referred to as my erotic collection. I became so enlighten by the use of these architectural details in my watercolors that I began experiments in oil on large canvases. Using my studies of architectural details, friezes and statues, I attempted to capture and express the three-dimensional experience on canvas. This evolved into my relief series.



1984-1985, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario Majors: Fine Arts 

1983-1984, Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario Majors: Fine Arts
1979-1982, Fanshawe College, London, Ontario Majors: Interior Design Diploma 

1975-1979, Northwestern Secondary School, Stratford, Ontario Majors: Fine & Commercial Art, Architectural Technology
1966-1975, Mitchell Public School, Mitchell, Ontario



1995-1997, Private showings to dealers and clients. Vienna, Austria 

September 1995, Erotic Art & Architecture show sponsored by Casino Austria, Baden, Austria. 

February 1995, ASAP Architectural Tour sponsored by the American Society of Architectural Perspectives. "Aedes Gallery" Berlin, Germany.
February 1995, "Erotic Architecture" sponsored by Fantl Wirkshaft, G.m.b.h. Salzburg, Austria.
April 1994, Sponsored by Anton Presoly. Wiener Neudorf. (News Coverage) in combination, Anton Presoly's architectural works and Barbara Morello's renderings.
November 1993, "Architecture & Watercolor" sponsored by Bank Austria, Vienna, Austria.
December 1992, "Architecture and Watercolor" Vienna, Austria.



2002-2004, Painted and donated portraits of horse and rider to Queen of Congress Quarter Horse competeion.

1997-2006, Painted  a series of paintings for various individuals.

1992-1997, Painted over fifty canvasses in oil and over thirty watercolor paintings. Sold to private art collectors in Austria.
1995, Commissioned painting of the Austrian Prime Minister in watercolor and one of his granddaughter.
1994, An erotic painting was featured in German Penthouse magazine. 

1994, Sold the stone collection series to private art collector in Austria, who collects works of numerous prominent artists including Egon Schiele, Gustov Klimt. 

1993, Was accepted for a show featuring architectural renderings combined with the erotic architectural collection at the "International Arts Club", New York. Letters of Recommendation: Secretary to the Austrian Prime Minister Chairman of the Raiffeisen Bank in Vienna President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce Professor Wilhelm Holzbauer, Architect (Austria's most recognized architect) 

1987, Designed and painted two Tromp d'oeils for the residence of David Mince (president of Global Television in Canada).

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