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Bert stands for Beneficial Equine Recreational Therapy.


We use the acronym to represent the name of the prints, because recreational therapy is actually taking place while each child interacts with the horses of See Horse Miami. Photographs are taken at this time, then artistically reworked with digital filters to resemble watercolors and printed from a giclee printer on to museum quality silver metallic or fine art paper. These unique prints are available as a fundraising initiative to help sustain See Horse Miami’s horses.


Using the Beneficial Equine Recreational Therapy as a mode of reaching the hearts of the broken hearted, See Horse Miami reaches out to under resourced children to help build self esteem and faith in God. The recreational therapy also helps women in recovery discover their own inner strength, inner child and the extinguished spark that longs to be rekindled. The horses facilitate in healing and hope by revealing issues that have led them into addiction and making poor choices. Addiction is a disease of the heart and plagues all of us in one way or another. Addiction is not just drug and alcohol abuse, it is simply the habitual use of something to help mask the pain in our spirit.


Bert prints have an inspiring quality that both captivate and delight in the beauty and innocent spirit of children and horses.  The children characterize the lost child in all of us and the horses captivate our adventurous hearts.


Please feel free to visit the ranch, participate in the recreational equine therapy and own your own personalized Bert print, showcasing your child or loved one on one of our enchanting horses. Please visit See Horse Miami for more information at


contact us 954-629-0478






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